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Sales Outsourcing Engagement Model

We provide an outsourced sales model. What does that mean?

So how do we work with you?

We work on a retainer + commission basis. Why do we insist on a retainer to sell for you?

Market Footprint provides a professional service for business-to-business sales outsourcing. You want results so we work with you to establish trust.

To make sure we can deliver against your expectations, we operate the following model.

Pre Engagement Stage
The first step is getting to know one another.
Can we add value? Are we compatible?
The purpose of this step is to ensure that we can help you. We dont want to make promises we can't keep. If we dont think we can deliver value, we will be up-front and tell you.

This stage will ensure our values and philosophy are compatible.

Set-Up Phase
Once the preliminary assessment is done and we understand your requirements, we will make a proposal on the commercial engagement model of how we will work together and detail how we will build the pipeline for you. This typically will outline what we will do in the first 30-90 days. This stage is about agreeing objectives and the model you want to operate.

Operate Phase
Once up and running, we'll provide regular updates on progress to achieve the objectives. Quality communication is essential to building trust. Technical sales can be complex - we will work with your local team to identify the features and functionality that will differentiate your offer. Customer questions may require involvement from technical experts and as we move into trial and product evaluation phases the level of supprt needed will increase.

We'll run periodic reviews to assess performance against the objectives. This will be a great opportuntity for you to catch up on trends in the market place, competitors, customer feedback (both good and bad) to influence product line. This will be a valuable two-way commuinication.

Once you are well established in the market, the time will come when you may want to establish your own organisation. We will work with you on a graceful transition to your own team. We can help you build the team and get them upto speed.

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