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About Us

Why do we do this?
We have a wealth of experience and we love working with technology start-ups and young companies. We want to help you succeed.

Sales is the lifeline of companies and we can play an important part in helping your company grow.

Expanding into overseas markets can feel frightening with the uncertainty. We know the Western European markets well and can help over come those fears. We have extensive contacts in the telecom and banking sectors and many other companies that are IT consumers, placing your product in front of key decision makers.

What we do?
We only provide sales outsourcing of high value technology products in a b2b context. We can sell direct or establish indirect sales channels for you.

What we do not do?
We do not provide consumer sales. We provide a personalised relationship based selling approach. We work with high value or complex sales. We do not adopt mass market sales techniques. We provide a highly targetted sales approach. We are best suited to providing a personalised service selling high value technology products to medium to large companies.

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